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§  identification of the team needs for individualized coaching activities

§  organization of workshops and sessions with the team to build up know-how on defined devops topics

§  participation in the team's sprint plannings to select user stories which are good candidates for the team to explore and apply "new" devops practices and use "new" tools

§  provide continuous guidance for the team or team individuals to apply what they've learnt when implementing user stories of their own backlog - on location or in remote sessions with the developers

§  practice-oriented coaching, including providing guidance for the team to deal with specific technical challenges (use of tools, use of devops practices, setup of new frameworks, setup of ci/cd, etc.)

Additionally, the following tasks are to be fulfilled within the scope of our internal team activities:

  • conception of workshops including exploration of new topics, deep dives in devops practices, exploration of tools, creation of demos and practical exercises for developers to practice on topics
  • housekeeping of our knowledge base (e.g. in Confluence)
  • participation in communities of practice of the organization
  • participation in department events in order to get last updates about our technology standards
  • hands-on work with our tools and ci/cd pipeline will be encouraged in cooperation with other teams in the department in order for you to extend your technical skills continuously

Our team of technical coaches, incl. product owner and scrum master meet regularly for:

  • Planning
  • Daily
  • Review (incl. Knowledge Sharing)
  • Retrospective
Required experience with technical practices:
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Infrastructure as Code, Everything as Code
  • Monitoring
  • Automation incl. automated testing, deployment and monitoring practices
  • Cloud

Ideally, additional experience with:

  • Microservice Architecture
  • Recovery Testing, deployment strategies (z.B. A/B testing, Canary deployments)
  • IntelliJ, JUnit
  • Git, GitOps
  • Teamcity or Jenkins
  • Maven (or similar)
  • Sonarqube, Fortify or Sonatype
  • Docker (e.g. OpenShift, Google Cloud)
  • Terraform
  • Splunk, Dynatrace or Elch
Required experience with tools:

Ideally, additional experience with test automation tools (e.g. Microfocus UFT, Selenium, Cucumber).

Experience with Java full technology stack is required, further programming languages (e.g. C++, C#, Angular) will be appreciated.

Soft Skills:
  • Experience with agile and lean frameworks (Scrum, Kanban)
  • DevOps mindset
  • Very good communication skills
  • Basic coaching skills (previous experience with the conception of workshops or experience with developer-friendly formats (e.g. Coding Dojos) would be well-appreciated)
  • Willingness to explore and share best practices around tools and methodology

We are looking for a DevOps Coach to strengthen our team of technical coaches and provide coaching for agile and devops teams in the organisation.

The main assignment of our team of technical coaches is to spread a devops culture among the organisation by providing workshops and individualized coaching for agile and devops teams who are willing to be coached. Through individualized coaching activities, we provide know-how for devops practices and support the use of the ci/cd pipeline. 

To fulfill this mission, we are looking for an experienced developer with very good communication skills and an agile/ devops mindset, who is willing to transfer knowledge and best practices about a large range of development and operations practices and tools.

If you find this a challenging opportunity, please contact me at interview@commerzbank.com 
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